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About us

All group members are professional musicians with excellent international references and lots of experience. We don't use any playbacks or midifiles. Every single note is played or sung 100 % live. 

We don't only reproduce the songs of our extensive repertoire, but interprete them in our own way, interacting with each other and with the audience.

For smaller events we bring our own sound system and all required instruments. For bigger events we work together with audio engineering companies specified on event technology. You won't have to take care of anything!

Most the time we play as a five-piece band (singer, saxophone, piano, bass, drums), but smaller and bigger line ups are also possible. For all group members there is also professional substitute, so that the band's quality can also be garanteed in case of sickness.

Our team:

Ursula Gerstbach


Ursula was born in 1979 and studied Jazz Vocals in Vienna. After her dipoma (2002, passed with distinction), she soon started working with well-known austrian acts like Sandra Pires, Alfons Haider, Christian Kolonovits, Erwin Kiennast (Kiddy Contest), Andy Lee Lang, Mark Janicello, Horst Chmela, Pete Art... Meanwhile, she is a permanent member in austrian superstar Wolfgang Ambros' band, and she was and is lead singer of many pop and jazz formations (ART anno, Sing Out, Aschanti, The Blue Caps...). She's also a choir conductor, composer and vocal arranger. More information on

Thomas Kugi


Studied Saxophone and Clarinet in Vienna and Klagenfurt and worked with Chaka Khan, Etta Scollo, Gloria Gaynor, The Supremes, The Tempatations, Karl Ratzer, Marianne Mendt, Alegre Correa Group, Count Basic, Andre Heller, Kurt Ostbahn, Georg Danzer, Dancing Stars Orchester, Jazz Big Band Graz and many more...

Martin Payr

(rotational with M. Reiter) 

Martin has already worked with almost all top acts of the austrian music scene (Stefanie Werger, Opus, Dennis Jale, Michael Seida, Marika Lichter, Uwe Kröger, Alexander Göbel, Sandra Pires...) but also international stars: original Queen member Brian May, star violinist David Garrett or irish singer-songwriter Róisín Murphy (Moloko)... Had engagements at countless musicals of Vereinigte Bühnen Wien, Opera Graz and Stadttheater Klagenfurt. He is also a successful arranger and music producer. More information on his

Martin Reiter

(rotational with M. Payr)

Studied Jazz Piano in Linz, Vienna and Den Haag, won the Hans-Koller-Award three times along with other jazz awards, plays regularly at big jazz festivals like Montreux, Perugia, Pori, Molde, etc.. Much attention has been given to his CD-releases as composer and jazz pianist, for example in 2014 with the record „acoustic & electric trio“. Since 2012, Martin Reiter is also professor for Jazz Piano at the MUK, Vienna. More info on 

Jojo Lackner


Jojo played with notable austrian artists such as Café Drechsler, Rounder Girls, Vera Böhnisch, Dorretta Carter, Orieta Pires, Marcello Armetta, The Menheads and Gerald Gradwohl Trio, international artists such as Adam Pieronczyk, Felix Okon, Random, Cluseo, Flowin Immo, Victor Davis, Teddy Kumpel, Giselle Jackson and participated in countless jazz festivals in Austria and worldwide. 

Joris Dudli


At 17, Joris was already an established studio musician of the austrian pop scene (e.g. W. Ambros, R. Fendrich...), and he later became a regular sideman for international stars such as Benny Golson, Sheila Jordan and Chaka Khan. He played with the Vienna Art Orchestra, with Karl Ratzer, with the „Zawinul Syndicate“, Art Farmer Quintet, Ray Anderson, Benny Bailey, Jerry Bergonzi, Don Bradon, Ira Coleman, Barry Finnerty, Johnny Griffin, Tom Harell, Eddie Henderson und Joe Henderson and still regularily tours with the Earth Jazz Agents (Vincent Herring) worldwide. More information on 

Michael Mold


Michael Mold studied gospel and soul at Berklee College of Music, Boston, USA and Jazz Vocals at “Gustav Mahler Konservatorium” in Vienna, where he passed with distinction. Michael and his stunning voice add wonderful duets to Lou's repertoire such as multifaceted solo parts - he convinces as soft crooner just as with powerful rock songs and stands for energy and joie de vivre - front stage and back stage. More info at 

Miriam Fuchsberger


Since she's 14, Miriam is on stage as a singer, band leader, composer and background singer (Velvet Voices, Inspaied, 2 Your Soul, Blue Horn...). She teaches Jazz Vocals in Linz, is the leader of the School of Popmusic in Vienna, leader of the Vocal Group, choir conductor of the United Voices (80 singers) and an in-demand vocal coach. Her strong-voiced professional performance and her humorous charme are a great enrichment for „Lou“!

Each event stands and falls with music. We provide your event with a very unique note.